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In the past, I have gone to many networking opportunities that were made up of typical events with your standard speeches or presentations. The BDAWA goes above and beyond this. The association has created a fantastic hub for Building Designers not only to meet each other, but to also foster meaningful relationships within a comfortable and inviting setting. By being a member of the BDAWA, I have attended a huge range of well executed events. They provide valuable up-to-date industry knowledge and keep me in the loop and informed of any key trends. Having the support of the BDAWA has progressed my career and even opened up business opportunities that would not have been possible if I was not connected to such a wonderful association. Their personal and supportive approach should not go unnoticed and their fantastic customer service and team make being part of the BDAWA an absolute pleasure.

Katie Shortland-WebKTR Creations

My clients have greater confidence knowing I'm accredited by a respected industry body.

Em Daby
Drawn By Em

The BDAWA is a great place to better help your Building Design Business through its Professional Development Program, I encourage all young Building Designers to become members and join the fraternity of Designers in making our profession  more recognised within our industry and set a high standard of fellowship to show local governments that we are competent in providing excellent design to the public.

In 2015, I founded Odyssey Studios after working for years in various design and architecture studios. The first feeling was one of complete loneliness, I had gone from working in a collaborative design environment to one where I suddenly didn’t even have a single person to discuss design/architecture with let alone run a design past.

I started looking for a way to integrate within the industry and the BDAWA was there front and centre. Initially, I was skeptical. I thought it would be a closed off boys club or a place where drafties got together to discuss the latest advancements of ArchiCAD or the like. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Since joining I have met some incredible people, people who have helped develop me as a designer, a businessman and a person.

The events that are held all help me unlock that next level in my designs and/or business and furthermore, they are all done in great humour and with fantastic people. There are many programs, events and awards that the association runs. In 2016, I entered into one of these, the James Hardie Dream Designer competition which I subsequently won. It was a whirlwind, within six months we were flown to the Gold Coast and then off to Japan for a design tour. A once in a lifetime experience that I am forever grateful to the BDAWA for making happen.

What’s more exciting is the future of the association. There is a great management team in place who strives to promote good design and foster relationships within the industry and they have a number of programs about to launch that will truly make the BDAWA a major force in the design community of W.A and Australia. It is an exceptional movement to be a part of.

Becoming a member of the association taken me from a solitary design desk to a world where I am informed, inspired and have a great network of people whom I can now call friends to talk to when I need a second opinion, a bit of advice or just a good chat about design.

Jordan WalkerOdyssey Studios

I'm a long standing member of the BDAWA.  From a professional perspective, I've found the members very approachable and quite willing to share their experiences and knowledge.  These relationships are invaluable to small business.

Tim Martelli
Vista Designs

The BDAWA’s Professional Development program has been a great stimulator, with PD topics broadening my knowledge and deepening my interest in so many different aspects of my chosen profession. Thumbs up for the BDAWA!

The BDAWA has given me the opportunity to connect with other building designers to discuss issues affecting our industry and discover alternative methods to design and do business. The BDAWA is my conduit for staying connected.

Paul Wilson
Beilby Design

Principal Partner

James Hardie

James Hardie is an international building product manufacturer and a global leader in fibre-reinforced cement. Now operating in it’s 125 year, the company continues to challenge convention within the construction industry and leads the way in delivering innovative building products and solutions.

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